I’m Justin M. Salvato, a fan and collector of vintage computers.  This blog is dedicated to the very first computer I have ever owned: The Coleco ADAM.  It is also my favorite.   The goal of the blog is to provide information about the ADAM as well as the software and hardware that were created for this vintage computer system.

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  1. Love your ADAM Blog…like yourself it was our family’s FIRST computer (w/ a Colecovision built in!) Those were some of the happiest times of my care-free life as a kid growing up in a technologically ever-changing world…Sometimes, I long to turn back the clock and revisit those simpler innocent days, even if it means giving up ALL the technological progress that has been made…Your blog (especially the pic of you using your ADAM as a kid) has brought back many fond memories….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 🙂

    • I really appreciate the feedback and I completely agree. There’s something special about computing in those days, which is probably why I have a row of vintage computers lined up in my “man cave”, with the ADAM being my favorite.

      I hope you visit again and comment some more. There will be more entries 🙂

  2. Thanks for creating this Coleco ADAM blog. I ran into it by accident while searching for a way to hook up my ADAM to my HDTV or monitor. I no longer have access to to the older UHF/VHF type TVs any longer and wasn’t sure if an RF to cable adapter would work. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would appreciate any feedback. In the meantime, I’ll continue to look forward to more entries in your blog!

  3. Justin, thanks again for keeping my 80’s vintage computer fascination alive with this blog and Twitter. Hard to believe the Coleco Adam will be coming up on 40 years since its first release. I’m still working on my collection of Coleco Adam/Colecovision, while not extensive yet, I did manage to get one of the rare disk drives that are so hard to find for the Adam and a 300 baud modem. I keep having regrets selling my original Coleco Adam back in the day having all of these and more so I’m making up for it by trying to buy all those items back and then some. Good times.

    Do you have any experience or have heard about this product (https://atarimax.com/colecosd/documentation/index.html) ? I was thinking of getting it to preserve all my ROM cartridges. Plus, it comes with Mario Brothers and Mr. Chin games that I haven’t played before. I remember having a program back in the day I think it was called Packcopy or something for the Adam that allowed me to backup my ROM cartridges onto my disk drive or data pack.

    Lastly, I wanted to contribute to your blog and share with you and readers like myself and hope you continue to maintain and keep this site alive. Here’s a site that I came across that has a list of some online manuals for the Coleco Adam and Colecovision games in case you didn’t feature this yet. Enjoy!

    • Thanks for the link Tony. As for the SD card with games, I have yet to delve into the modern stuff for the ADAM. I know about it, read about it, but have kept everything original. Though an SD card reader with the games would be nice space saver. Not sure if you’re in the Coleco ADAM group on Facebook, but if you’re not, you may want to consider as the group is quite busy and welcoming of new members.

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