Secrets of the Coleco ADAMLink Modem

Are there secrets today hidden from even the owners of the Coleco ADAMLink modem?  Yes, but they are accidental secrets, simply lost to the passage of time alongside our assumptions about modern technology.  I recently re-acquired one of these modems to further the development of my 1986 ADAMCastle BBS re-release for Christmas 2021.

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You may have used my Coleco ADAM BBS

My family was fortunate to receive a ColecoVision game console with the bundled Donkey Kong cartridge as our 1982 Christmas gift from our grandparents.  The ColecoVision was a really big treat because my family was not often afforded such expensive hot sellers as gifts.  Compared to the other gaming systems of that time, ColecoVision offered the best home version ports of many popular arcade games.  I also witnessed Coleco’s advertised promise of an eventual full-blown computer add-on with great interest!  (This add-on version would later be known as the red-boxed model 2404 and called the Coleco Expansion module #3.)

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Making of the Coleco ADAM Monitor

Earlier this month I made a video about the Coleco ADAM Monitor… that doesn’t exist. I did a horrible job, but it gave the monitor a dated, abused look. And even with that, it does look like it’s another Coleco ADAM component.

If I wanted it to look like a new item, I would have sanded the monitor before painting and/or used primer. And… not throw caution to the wind and spray paint everything. A few people asked how I went about making that monitor so I made a short video explaining what the monitor is and how I made that label with ADAM logo.

Editor from IGN rips into Coleco.

Back in 2013, The staff at IGN wrote about the first time they unboxed a game console or in this case, a computer. Jared Petty wrote about getting a Coleco ADAM when he was 5. At first I was amused by how he described the flaws of this system, but then he went overboard. With just word in the last sentence, Jared showed how callous he can be. See for yourself..

Coleco ADAM computer TV commercial I’ve never seen before!

I’ve been out of the loop lately and haven’t participated in any discussions on the Facebook Coleco ADAM group, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested.  I found some time  to look for more information about my first computer and came across a television commercial I never seen before.  I’m guessing the original commercial had color, but due to it’s age (probably recorded on VHS) it appears to be in shades of gray, for the most part.  The commercial quickly compares the ADAM to Commodore, IBM and Atari computers.  Price being the big thing here.  Have you seen this commercial before?

My tip to Starring the Computer website

Starring the Computer is a website dedicated to the use of computers in film and television.”  More than a year ago I sent a tip to James over at about the Coleco ADAM making a very brief appearance in the film Short Circuit 2.  Actually, it was only the keyboard.   As of July of this year, it is finally live on the site for all to see.  As for the reasoning the keyboard is in the movie?  Who knows..  But I believe the television show World of the Worlds also had ADAM computers, but don’t quote me on that.  Do you know any TV shows or movies that has the ADAM?  If so, let us know and more importantly, send James the information.  He will eventually get it on the site.

In Defense of ADAM from 1984 of Family Computing magazine

I’m always amused to find anything written about the Coleco ADAM computer, whether positive or negative, because it was never as popular as the Apple II or Commodore 64.  However, it has, in my opinion, an important place in personal computing history for both positive and negative reasons, though fools will only mention the negative.  FOOLS I SAY!

So while looking through Family Computing magazine before bed (I have a few issues, need more) I found some letters to the editor about the ADAM in the 1984 May edition.  ADAM user Tom Tisby thought the publication made a mistake by citing the digital data tape drive capacity as 500k.  No biggie, but offered some advice on how to get a clearer picture on the TV screen.

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Then George Knochel wrote in and I have to say, what he wrote is spot on.  This would have been something I would have complained about as well.   Read the letters for yourself to see what I mean.

Stories from a dock worker at Coleco: Dan Weaver

Several days ago I wrote about a short documentary produced by the University of Hartford.   After I posted to my Facebook page, a gentleman name Dan Weaver commented that he worked at Coleco on the loading docks.   I reached out and he filled me in on some stories, photos, and a magazine article that he would like to share with the rest of you.  So, I will let him tell you about his time at Coleco.

“I worked at Coleco in Amsterdam, NY from 1978-1983. I started out as a night watchman, then cleaned offices for awhile and then became the receiving clerk in Building 6.  I was then promoted to Receiver.  On the receiving dock, we unloaded parts and toys that were manufactured elsewhere for Coleco.  Some of the trailers came from overseas and a customs officer had to be present when they were opened up.

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