A Coleco ADAM commercial I’ve never seen before

There are several commercials for the Coleco ADAM computer and I’ve seen them all.  Well, I thought I did.  TV Retro Promos uploaded a commercial for our beloved system that I’ve never seen before.  In it, we see a young man with sister & father in tow bringing an ADAM into their home and straight to his room.  This is the only time I recall someone holding an ADAM box in a commercial.  For those that seen this commercial back when it aired, they must have been blown away by the size.  Next we see him setting up and connecting his ADAM to a television that matches the color of the system.  Interesting.  It’s like the monitor we wish Coleco made for the computer.  I tried to see what other items were in his bedroom, but sadly, the video has some tracking issues.  I do see that he has a thing for lamps…

Anyway, the commercial ends with the siblings playing some Buck Rogers and the usual tagline about commanding the powers of ADAM.


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