What is this & who is Mr. Dolan??

So I decided to fire up the ADAM today and check out SmartBASIC.  After throwing in the digital data pack and pulling the reset key, I was presented with this screen:


I have multiple SmartBASIC cassettes which explains why I haven’t seen this before; I simply haven’t ever loaded this until now.  Anyway, I type in “1234” and was presented with this:


Then I tried to see the contents using the GET option in SmartWriter.  Here are the files on the tape.


Sadly, for whatever reason, when I tried to boot the tape by pulling reset, the tape wheels would spin but ultimately brough me back to SmartWriter..  I don’t know the reason.  However, I can still access the program(s) by first loading SmartBASIC from another tape, then loading the “HELLO” program.  More on this later.  Oh and who is Mr. Dolan?


About Coleco ADAM

I’m Justin M. Salvato, a fan and collector of vintage computers. This blog is dedicated to the very first computer I have ever owned: The Coleco ADAM. It is also my favorite. The goal of the blog is to provide information about the ADAM as well as the software and hardware that were created for this vintage computer system.
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3 Responses to What is this & who is Mr. Dolan??

  1. Howard says:

    It’s weird, like someone setup a HELLO program that erases smart basic if you don’t know a password. Did you recover these DDPs from a school? It just reeks of a kid hack and Mr Dolan could be a teacher.

    If you load the HELLO program but not run it, what’s in it?

    • Coleco ADAM says:

      Ah Howard! Well, my next post I think I will have some… answers. As for where I got this, well, I’m not positive. I either got this when I bought an ADAM or part of a group of software from an eBay buy. I have 3 SmartBASIC tapes sitting on my shelf and somehow I never loaded this one before.

  2. spencerhm59 says:

    It’s been awhile but have you tried Ctrl-C or whatever the function is to break the basic (?) program?

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