What is this & who is Mr. Dolan??

So I decided to fire up the ADAM today and check out SmartBASIC.  After throwing in the digital data pack and pulling the reset key, I was presented with this screen:


I have multiple SmartBASIC cassettes which explains why I haven’t seen this before; I simply haven’t ever loaded this until now.  Anyway, I type in “1234” and was presented with this:


Then I tried to see the contents using the GET option in SmartWriter.  Here are the files on the tape.


Sadly, for whatever reason, when I tried to boot the tape by pulling reset, the tape wheels would spin but ultimately brough me back to SmartWriter..  I don’t know the reason.  However, I can still access the program(s) by first loading SmartBASIC from another tape, then loading the “HELLO” program.  More on this later.  Oh and who is Mr. Dolan?


3 thoughts on “What is this & who is Mr. Dolan??

  1. It’s weird, like someone setup a HELLO program that erases smart basic if you don’t know a password. Did you recover these DDPs from a school? It just reeks of a kid hack and Mr Dolan could be a teacher.

    If you load the HELLO program but not run it, what’s in it?

    • Ah Howard! Well, my next post I think I will have some… answers. As for where I got this, well, I’m not positive. I either got this when I bought an ADAM or part of a group of software from an eBay buy. I have 3 SmartBASIC tapes sitting on my shelf and somehow I never loaded this one before.

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