SmartBASIC boxing program. Spoiler: it’s a joke.

You may have noticed a lack of posts lately.  There’s plenty to write about the short-lived Coleco ADAM computer, so writer’s block is not the issue.  It’s a lack of time and energy that is the problem:  I am back in the boxing gym, hoping for another go around in the sport.  Maybe a few more amateur fights.  One professional bout.  We’ll see.  Been back in the gym since March.  Slow way back since I haven’t fought in 8 years.

I found the time to write a post and thought to make it boxing related.  So I loaded the Virtual ADAM on my PC and started writing a boxing trivia game through SmartBASIC.  After I finished the first question, I realized this would be pointless unless you could guarantee that the person playing didn’t input the code themselves.  I quit writing the code after the realization the person playing would see the answers as they entered the program into BASIC.


At least you know I’m still around 😉