Coleco ADAM software: RECIPE FILER

Recipe FilerNot too long ago, a gentleman by the name of Virgil from my Facebook page, asked about a specific recipe from Coleco’s Recipe Filer.  I decided to record the boot sequence and go through the main menu of installed recipes.  This gave me an opportunity to discuss this program.

I’ve talked before how technology enthusiasts wanted to see computers throughout the entire home, kitchen included.  A program like this would make sense if you had an ADAM computer in the kitchen, assuming you had a BIG kitchen for this system.  You can save your recipes digitally and do without the recipe box.  It was a step in the right direction, but realistically, not feasible.  These days, with computers the size of notebooks, this idea works.

So here’s a video I made of Coleco’s Recipe Filer for the ADAM computer.  Enjoy.


One thought on “Coleco ADAM software: RECIPE FILER

  1. Another great video and thanks for the added musical score otherwise I don’t think I would have survived a “Filer” program video! As you said, computer automation was crazy back then (an ADAM in the kitchen!!!), but Recipe Filer and Address Book Filer where quick and easy programs for Coleco to put out seeing as they are based off the core of SmartFILER and Coleco needed to build-up the ADAM’s software library as quickly as possible. These additional ‘Filer were just dedicated database programs with some snazy graphic displays and everything could have been accomplished in SmartFILER with a little work by the end-user, but then again, why would we want to make a custom database in SmartFILER and enter all the data when we could just run to the store and buy it.

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