Don’t insult Coleco ADAM computer owners!

Oh yes, I'm quite immature.

Oh yes, I’m quite immature.

I hate to start the New Year with a negative blog post, but… here goes.

I was scrounging around the world wide web looking for a new podcast to listen to.  Of course, anything involving vintage computing will catch my attention.  Then I came across a podcast about Atari computers.  I downloaded all the episodes of the podcast to my phone and listened to the debut episode on my way to work.  Just before the 8 minute mark, one of the hosts mentioned that a friend’s first computer was the Coleco ADAM.  The other hosts chuckled.  Then he proceeded to say, “ least he got something but I don’t think that’s something I would admit to…”

Remarks like that get under my skin.  Apparently, I have thin skin.  Why does that bother me?  Besides insulting something that I have fond memories of, you’re insulting me and every other owner for having purchased it.  The vintage computing enthusiast world is a small one..  Why insult any of them?  Antics like this will lose you listeners and in this case, they lost me.

It’s true that many of the Coleco ADAM computers were defective, but by the time they were on clearance, those issues were solved.  It was a solid device with a decent word processing application built-in and was capable of doing anything an Atari computer can do.


3 thoughts on “Don’t insult Coleco ADAM computer owners!

  1. I had the pleasure of attending an AdamCon session from the head of QA at Coleco when the Coleco Adam was released. And we asked him the hard question: why were so many of the initial Coleco Adams defective?

    The answer was simple. They knew exactly what they were doing. The president of Coleco Industries had publicly announced that the Adam Family Computer was going to ship in quantity in 4th quarter, and if they didn’t do it, the President would go to jail for fraud or illegal stock manipulation. He believes that of the first 50,000 Coleco Adams sold, they had a 100% return rate. They ironed out the bugs by early January, and the quality just kept going up after that.

    So it had a poor reputation for a very good reason. But I guess that poor reputation was earned by announcing things long before they were finished products, to keep ahead of the competition and then having to try to fulfill those promises.

  2. greetings from puerto rico !!!, what a jerk !!!, coleco adam was one of the most amazing computers of its day, i had it for a long time side by side with my main hardware (commodore 64), i find your blog very interesting as i love the adam computer !!!, keep posting, you are doing a great job!!!

  3. I bought the ColecoVision game unit, and then later ordered the ADAM upgrade unit from Monkey Wards’ catalog. The one that arrived ate a tape the first night, so we took it back to Wards and my partner MADE the woman give us another unit (that had been ordered for someone else). That unit worked great and I owned it until it was replaced by an Apple IIe. I didn’t have it long enough to get the floppy drive or anything. I never figured out the Buck Rogers game, either. But I wrote my first programs on it and it will always be special to me.

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