Coleco ADAM’s SmartLOGO demo program.

I wrote about the SmartLOGO software for the Coleco ADAM computer earlier this month.  As part of that article, I uploaded the tutorial that came on the digital data pack.  What I forgot to show was the demonstration program that was included.  ColecoVision YouTube evangelist, 65GAMERGUY, reminded me about it and suggested I upload that too.  So without further ado, here is the SmartLOGO demonstration program broken down in 2 parts:


9 thoughts on “Coleco ADAM’s SmartLOGO demo program.

  1. The SmartLogo demos are available everytime you boot Logo unless you delete them, as I did. SmartLogo is the best Logo that I have found; it’s a pity that it doesn’t have a better computer to show it off.

    • A better computer, eh? What’s a better computer? Commodore 64, Atari 800, TRS-80? Those were within a same price range (somewhat), but I don’t think they were any more capable than the ADAM. The Apple II or IBM PC Jr.? I dunno.

      Regardless, SmartLOGO is simply awesome.

  2. No, something more up to date – an Amiga comes to mind, since I have one. Something better than an 8-bit computer, at any rate.

  3. smartlogo was my introduction to the logo language after being inmersed in basic/assembly on the c64 i found it truly amazing, all that power on a easy to use language, it was not “crippled” like most logo interpreters of it’s time.

  4. what better computer to showcase logo’s strengths than a 8bit computer???, smartlogo was an amazing language, i used logo on other computers back in the day (apple 2, atari) the one i enjoyed the most??? smartlogo, :-), i found this website looking for an pdf of the smartlogo manual so i can introduce my 7year old daugther to the wonderful world of computer programming sadly using an emulator :(, and i have found none, have you found a website with such a pdf??? thanks in advanced !!!

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