The Coleco ADAM scholarship.

Coleco ADAM scholarship

How would you like a $500 scholarship to college?  Doesn’t seem like much money today, but in 1984 you could get a lot more than a few textbooks.  If you bought a Coleco ADAM computer late that year, you would get that scholarship.  There was even a commercial for it that you can view at the bottom of the post.  Be sure to jump to the 52 second mark in the video.

I have one of these scholarships in my possession.  I bought a collection of Coleco paperwork from somewhere in South America a few years back and in the middle of it was an unused scholarship complete with a person’s name and social security number.  I was shocked for two reasons.  1) I didn’t know these really existed.  2) No one scribbled out the social security number.  I have since blacked it out with a permanent marker.