ADAM computer on “The Nightlife Show”

Still from The Nightlife ShowKerry Decker’s “The Nightlife Show” was a cable television show based in Florida.  It may have been a public access show, but I can’t get a definitive answer.  Moving on…  Kerry was ALL about video: cameras, video cassette recorders, etc..  In September of 1986, he decided to do an episode about computers, but not just ANY computer, the Coleco ADAM computer.   The first time I watched this video, I wasn’t sure what to make of it; he starts out saying that he hates computers.  As someone who is fond of computers, those words cut me like a knife.  I kept watching.  Eventually, Kerry talks about a computer that is easy to use and understand, a computer to make people hate computers less.  The ADAM computer.  Sadly, this video is incomplete.  The original tape is lost and gone forever and what he have left is an incomplete episode.  Shame.  I would have like to have seen what else he had to say regarding the computer that this blog is about.  Please watch.


7 thoughts on “ADAM computer on “The Nightlife Show”

      • It’s not crazy at all. You’re a blogger with a passion for vintage computers. I completely get it. And I think it’s cool. I’m not sure how I could get you the tape though…It’s an old VHS and while my entire family were trying to capture the commercial, my dad got it by mistake when he was taping a movie, something about the Brothers of Mr. McCabe… I did post the video onto Youtube, if that helps. and I have it on my iPhone…would any of that help? I could send you the file…I’m kind of a computer newbie, sorry…

      • Wait, a computer newbie?? Wasn’t that you in the commercial?

        As for the file, I need the original tape because I want the best possible footage, best quality. Others have the same commercial posted on YouTube, better quality, but I want to transfer even better quality. The only way to do that is using my transfer software and hardware and the original tape.

        So you didn’t get a free ADAM for doing the commercial?n

      • Haha…well, I’m not a complete newbie at computers, but I’m not exactly Bill Gates either. And I didn’t get a free Adam for doing the commercial, but I did get paid a lot of money, (at the time it was a lot of money). A guy in the restaurant I worked in (at the time) purchased one for his family and I always felt bad about it. He had small children, couldn’t afford it, but did it I think to impress me. I don’t think it worked very well for him, but he was even more of newb than I was. Unfortunately for the VHS, I only have the one tape and it’s very precious to me. I know of no where that I could get it copied.

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