Computers & Electronics reviews the Coleco ADAM computer!

Computers & Electronics coverThe title of this blog post is a tad misleading.  Computers & Electronics magazine did write a review for the Coleco ADAM computer, but that was back in 1984.  Charles Rubenstein is the author of this review and gives the ADAM computer fans what we been craving; a positive take on this device.  The article is chock full of photos and a diagram on how the ADAM works.

As with my last post, Brochure for the Coleco ADAM computer’s software, I have included full page scans of the article, below,  so you can read it for yourself.  Enjoy!

* The option to view each page in full-size is available below each photo in the slideshow *


About Coleco ADAM

I’m Justin M. Salvato, a fan and collector of vintage computers. This blog is dedicated to the very first computer I have ever owned: The Coleco ADAM. It is also my favorite. The goal of the blog is to provide information about the ADAM as well as the software and hardware that were created for this vintage computer system.
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2 Responses to Computers & Electronics reviews the Coleco ADAM computer!

  1. lotonah says:

    I love how they got the keyboard picture backward on the second page. Derp..

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