Brochure for the Coleco ADAM computer’s software

ADAM software Catalog coverI still get the Sunday newspaper.  Comics, store circulars, and with some luck, some boxing news in the sports section (my favorite sport).  I could easily see all this stuff, online, for free, with the exception of paying for internet access.  However, there is something about seeing stuff, that you care about, on paper.  As part of my vintage computing hobby, I try to pick up brochures and ads for the classic computer systems.  I came across this one on auction and knew I had to have it: ADAM software, peripherals & accessories.

In this brochure, Coleco shows off the ADAM computer, the 5.25″ disk drive, 300 baud modem, 64K memory expander, a monitor cable (would love to see that in action), educational software, productivity software, programming languages, games and more.  This is the kind of paper work that I would have looked at over and over again until I convinced my parents to buy these goodies for me.

I scanned every page as best I could, uploaded them, and placed them below this blog post.  Clicking on a photo will load a larger, better quality picture of the brochure pages.  I hope to have more goodies like this in the coming months.


ADAM software Catalog b ADAM software Catalog c ADAM software Catalog d ADAM software Catalog e ADAM software Catalog f ADAM software Catalog g ADAM software Catalog h


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