From the lab: Tractor Feed accessory

Coleco ADAM tractor accessory

Coleco ADAM tractor feed accessory

I said it before and I’ll say it again…  I love getting my hands on prototypes and mockups.  So when my friend, Howard Eglowstein, showed me these photos, I fell out of my seat.  Being that Howard is a former Coleco employee, having access to this stuff is probably trivial, but for a fan of vintage computing, this is priceless.

As a kid, I wanted to be able to print out pictures, but the ADAM SmartWriter printer used a daisy wheel, which means it can only print text.  The next best thing would have been a tractor feed printer which would allow of continuous print jobs without the need of placing a new sheet of paper in the printer for every page printed.  This would also allow for banners and with some creativity, you could print out some big messages like, “HELLO WORLD!

Hmm, I printed a lot of documents as a kid; would have been nice not to have to wait by the printer to feed a new sheet of paper every minute or so.