Jen and Dan had an ADAM too!

Jen and Dan using the ADAM computer circa 1983

Jen and Dan using the ADAM computer circa 1983

I am always scouring the internet looking for information, photos or just references to the Coleco ADAM computer.  Bing searches, Twitter look ups, Facebook groups…  These are just a few of my tools to find what I’m looking for.  Not long ago, I came across a blog that mentioned my beloved computer system.  I found The Jennifer Diaries.  Here’s is the author’s description: “…The Jennifer Diaries were discovered in a closet in April, 2009. The diaries document the coming of age of a suburban girl growing up in the United States. The Diaries offer a comprehensive view of Jennifer’s transformation from child to adult…”  The diaries are a fascinating read.  Not only do you get a look into a person growing from child to adult, you get to see pop culture references, of the time, in the diary entries.

In a few entries, Jennifer mentions the ADAM, which was a Christmas gift to her and her brother.  Like me, she has fond memories of that computer.  Unlike me, she has a great photo of her using the system.  Yes, the photo above.  If you would like to read that entry, please click: ADAM and the forbidden fruit.  Oh, and be sure to comment on that entry!


2 thoughts on “Jen and Dan had an ADAM too!

  1. Thanks for posting Justin! No PC will ever have the personality of the ADAM! The computer sure made a lasting impression on me and my brother. Clearly the world was ready for the PC, but the ADAM wasn’t quite ready for the world. I miss that old computer (but WOW, look at my hair, I don’t miss that fro!)

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