From the lab: 1200 baud modem

One of the ADAM computer’s optional hardware accessories was the 300 baud ADAMLink modem.  300 baud is extremely slow, but it did the job.  Howard Eglowstein,  a Senior Software Engineer for Coleco,  said they used a 1200 baud modem in the lab for testing purposes. “The modem had the usual Hayes-compatible interface that all modems had plus an extra board that we designed to speak ADAMNet and convert it to serial to speak with the modem.”  Mr. Eglowstein wrote the software for ADAMLink and believes the originally produced digital data packs may have had the code for the 1200 baud modem as well.  At some point in production, that code was removed.  Mr. Eglowstein wrote, “There was a selection button in the software to pick between the modems. If the 1200 wasn’t present, it flopped back to the 300 baud mode and didn’t offer the option.”

It seems Coleco was always in the midst of something good, some prototype that never made it to production.  This 1200 baud modem is another example of that.