“Richard Scarry’s Best Electronic WORD BOOK Ever!”

In 1984, Coleco released an educational application called Richard Scarry’s Best Electronic WORD BOOK Ever! meant for children ages 5 to 8,  but I think it is really for pre-schoolers.  Who is  Richard Scarry?  He  was an illustrator and author  of children’s book.  Most of his characters were animals that were given human characteristics.  The bit of software starred “Lowly Worm” driving in his apple-shaped car.  You steer him to different locations in the town using the ColecoVision joystick.  And while in the location, say the construction site, you drive to different points in the site like a bulldozer, press the joystick fire button, and you will see the word “bulldozer” printed on the screen along with a sound effect or music.  It impresses the heck out of me, especially for something from 1984.  The one drawback is the load time; you have to wait about 2 minutes before you can get going in the application.  Here is a video I made, in real time, using real hardware (not an emulator) and software which is on a digital data pack (cassette).  Unfortunately, I could not capture the sound; my video capture equipment needs an upgrade.  I provided some music for the sound track. Enjoy!


The ADAM lives!

As a kid, I was pretty obsessed with computers, but as an adult, I’m obsessed with the ADAM.  I had a decent collection of Coleco ADAM software and accessories as a kid,  but I have a lot more now.  Software, games, hardware, articles and advertisements.  Anything to do with the ADAM, I try to get my hands on it.  I even have a photo of myself, from about 1987, using the ADAM.  Unfortunately, I no longer have that particular ADAM, but I got one in my vintage computer collection today.  Here it is:

The Coleco ADAM computer present day

The Coleco ADAM computer lives!