What can you do with an ADAM computer..?

During the early 1980’s, when home computing was still in its infancy, the ADAM had a lot going for it.   There were many applications for the ADAM.

  • If you were a student, you could use it as a typewriter or a word processor for homework assignments and term papers.
  • If you were into programming, you could load up SmartBASIC and design your own applications.
  • If you needed to keep track of your finances, then ADAMCALC’s spreadsheet would have done the job.
  • If you had a collection of… anything, then SmartFILER’s database could take of the organizing.

There were many programs for the ADAM both by Coleco and 3rd party developers.  Most were well designed and easy to use.

Could an ADAM be used today?  Definitely.  The downfall would be for the multi-taskers who are used to swapping data from one program to another in a Windows environment.  I’m sure that if Coleco did not go out of business, they would have been on par, if not ahead of everyone else in the computing business today.   Perhaps the operating system would have been SmartOS 8 🙂


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