ADAMcon 23: The annual Coleco ADAM computer convention

Every year since 1989, ADAMites have gotten together to celebrate and share their thoughts, ideas, and memories of the Coleco ADAM computer.  The gathering is known as ADAMcon.  Throughout the years, we have seen homebrew applications and hardware for both the ADAM and ColecoVision game console.

This year, ADAMcon 23, will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  For registration information, click:


About Coleco ADAM

I’m Justin M. Salvato, a fan and collector of vintage computers. This blog is dedicated to the very first computer I have ever owned: The Coleco ADAM. It is also my favorite. The goal of the blog is to provide information about the ADAM as well as the software and hardware that were created for this vintage computer system.
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2 Responses to ADAMcon 23: The annual Coleco ADAM computer convention

  1. John says:

    Didn’t know anyone still used these! I still have mine (dual cassettes) and many Atari 2600 games (and the 2600 module for the ADAM) as well as ColecoVision games and other software. It’s been packed away for years though. Is there a market for these?

  2. Coleco ADAM says:

    Yep, the ADAM has quite a following. 2013 should be a big deal: that will be the 30th anniversary of the ADAM computer! Market? Check out ebay. Hope you visit again and if you have a photo of your set-up, put it up somewhere and let us know John!

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