How do you work this thing..?

Folks that are 25 years old or younger probably have never used anything, but a graphical user interface on their computers such as Microsoft Windows.  In the late 70’s and early 80’s, it was common to start your computer and see one word displayed on their monitor: “READY”.  There was usually a blinking cursor that accompanied that word.  No start button, no taskbar, heck, no mouse!

To run a program (I mean “an app” ), you would have to get a floppy disk which contained the application, physically put it into the disk drive, then type several characters to run the program.  Sometimes you would have to command the computer to list what was on the disk before deciding what to type to make the program start.

The Coleco ADAM did try to simplify things for us.  After inserting the digital data cassette or disk, you would simply pull the computer reset button and the computer would handle the rest.  Not bad for something that didn’t have a graphical user interface or track pad.