The race to build an Instant-On computer… Done.

These days, I find myself reading a lot of technology news stories.  I am always looking for the latest in computer news.  Many articles discuss the future of computers;  computers  that start-up instantly after pressing the power button.  No boot time, no loading of drivers or personalized settings.

The funny thing is, we had instant-on computers around 30 years ago!  The Coleco ADAM was just such a machine.  I get up from my chair, flip the power switch on the back of the SmartWriter (the ADAM printer), and sit back in the chair to find that the ADAM is ready to use.  The following video shows the speed of which my Dell laptop running Windows 7, loads versus the Coleco ADAM:

If you have used Windows XP or Vista, you’ll appreciate the faster load time of the Windows 7 operating system.  However, the ADAM is ready to use in about 2 seconds.  Ok, so there is only one program loaded on the ADAM.  My point is that what is old always finds a way to be new again, in this case, the instant-on computer.


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